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Celtic Animal Series

By teaming up with the wonderful PeterStone company we've finally been able to launch my Celtic Animals range, as I've always felt that the animal side of Celtic jewellery was under-appreciated, or lacking a tiny bit of myth and meaning.

Now taking orders in advance for this Mythical line, we've started the run with 8 designs; seal, dog, falcon, wolf, dragonfly, wild boar, salmon and snake. They have a matted/roughed up silver background, making them look more stone-like. The animals are raised from the rough base and are gold. The designs are based on a modern-day blend of Pictish and late Celtic styling.

I'll try to cover a animal or two per week in my journal with a small bit of info about this animal, and what it can mean to you or yours.

Seals are believed to possess the ability to stare into the Otherworld as well as your soul. Much myth and legend surround these playful characters. One story tells that they originated from the drowned offspring of Eithne.

Selkies were often mistaken to be seals, as they are shape-shifters. The females can choose to take on a human form by leaving and hiding their seal skin. If a human finds their skin, they would ‘own’ them and could claim them as their wife. But should the Selkie ever find her skin again, she would leave her new family behind to return to the sea forever, without ever looking back.

The Seal is a symbol of pure beauty, always shrouded in mystery. She will bring its wearer both luck and joy.

The silver and gold accented pendant will be available soon through the PeterStone company.
It hangs from a bail on the back which doesn't obstruct the organic form of the pendant.

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