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Hi all. new here so i thought id share one of my recent trips to a local dolmen and share some of the mythology surrounding these

Also known as brennanstown dolmen. but glendruid sounds way cooler. last week was the vernal equinox which is if your into that type of thing is heralded in at Loughcrew. where the sun rises and shines down the passage of the alligned tomb and illuminates the carved stone at the back of the chamber. i was torn between going to this for sunrise and going for a few pints, since i ended up getting a wee bit sloshed and it involved getting up at 3am the plan was abandoned. and thank fuck because its cloudy and i wouldnt have seen feck all.

instead i went to glendruid

DPP_0051 by you.
down the back of some very posh houses sits a huge dolmen in a small glen by a stream. i swear the people that built these were all poets.

creeping down asteep incine you get to it through brambles an what i think is a willow tree, funny cause willow trees were sacred to the celts. these were built about 2000 years before the celts got here but they also flourish by the pipers stones stone circle and other places.connected? maybe, theres evidence that the celts reused these sites. in the back of this dolmen there are v shaped grooves that some have postured were carved in to facilitate the bloodflow from druid human sacrifice. or rainwater whichever you want to believe.

de- nah! initially i thought that was paint but its lichen. our posh people know how to look after these things

and just to give you some scale. im 6 foot and that capstone weighs 70 tons.

anyone else think it looks a little starship enterprisey?

just beyond that big tree is the house you have to knock on the door of to ask can you see it. there is another way but this is easier, and the girl that answered was very friendy...FOR ME TO POOP ON! no not really

oh and my very first attempt at a panorama. not bad result i think. wish i knew how to do this earlier.

oh and now onto the mythology.

according to legend these were built by a race of giants called the tuath de dannan who were the 5th in a series of invaders outlined in the leabhar gabála Eireann, or the book of invasions. when they were eventually defeated by the invading Milesians from Iberia Their leader made a truce with the king of the tuath de danann. They agreed that they would divide the land in two. The milesians taking the half thats above ground and the Tuath de taking the half below...sneaky eh

so they retreated into passage tombs and dolmens where they gradually shrunk in stature and became fairys. guarding them fiercly, if anyone came near or interfered they would kill them, their family or livestock or put curses on them. this is why fairies are EVIL in ireland. beware! wooooooooooo!
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