*El (el_angelina) wrote in celticmyths,

Studies on Celtic Ethic


I'm a Philosophy student and I need to write a dissertation in order to graduate. This will hopefully be next year. The thing is... I want to link it to Celtic studies somehow.

For this reason, I chose to run a research on a few of the most discussed celtic topics and found very little on ethics.

I need to inform you I'm Brazilian, currently living in Ribeirao Preto (on the countryside). So when I say there´s little on Celtic ethics, that´s an understatement. There's actually virtually nothing on the subject published in Brazil - be a book, a magazine, or whatever.

Conclusion: that made up my mind.

Unfortunately, I´m either bad at researching online or apparently there´s not much to get started from.

Has anyone got suggestions on reading material on that specific area? I´d be mostly thankful.



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